Are the Mikkelsen Twins a Scam?

Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen are twin brothers who have built a business selling courses on how to make money publishing audiobooks. Their course, Audiobook Income Academy, costs $1997. The twins say that this business model has allowed them to travel the world and live the Life of their dreams. But is it true? In this review, we will investigate if Mikkelsen Twins Scam.

Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen

The Mikkelsen Twins are twenty-something entrepreneurs from New Jersey who have built up a sizable following by selling courses about self-publishing to Amazon’s Audible network. The pair also publish books about the subject, which has helped them build their net worth. Their latest product is the Audiobook Impact Academy 2018, which teaches people how to make money publishing and selling audiobooks on Amazon and Audible.

The twins started by delivering Chinese food a few nights a week while enrolled in community college and working minimum-wage jobs during the day. They quickly realized that getting a degree just to work an unsatisfying 9-5 job for the rest of their lives was not an attractive life plan, so they started looking into other ways to make money. That’s when they discovered book publishing on Amazon. At first, it was slow going, but they persevered and eventually started making a little money. Eventually, they started turning those eBooks into audiobooks and selling them on Audible. Within a year, they went from one grand a month to over ten thousand dollars per month.

Christian and Rasmus would go on to write and produce their own audiobooks about the keto diet, CrossFit, workout routines, recipes, Python programming, studying, and other topics. However, they would eventually get greedy and start trying to translate their top-selling books into different languages in an attempt to maximize their profits. This ultimately backfired, resulting in them receiving way too many poor quality strikes from Audible and getting banned from the platform. It was at this point that they decided to move on from dropshipping and focus exclusively on their book publishing business.

Despite the setback, the twins pushed forward and have now built up a substantial online empire. Their primary businesses are their book publishing company, Publishing Life and their audiobook production company, Audiobook Impact Academy. They also do some travel blogging and coaching as side hustles. They’ve also written a number of books themselves, including the best-selling ‘How to Make Your First Million’.

How They Started

The Mikkelsen Twins are an American pair of twin brothers who started their online business by selling self-publishing courses on Amazon. They claim to make $10,000 monthly in sales, but are they legit or scam?

Christian and Rasmus are not formally trained business people. They don’t have MBAs or even bachelor’s degrees, and they don’t try to hide that fact from their students. Instead, they believe that real-world experience is more valuable than a fancy education.

Their story begins in their early twenties, when they were living in a small one-bedroom apartment in Denmark and working three days a week unloading shipping containers. They spent the rest of their time skipping Danish classes, smoking pot, and watching Netflix. They got sick and tired of their lackluster Life, so they sat down and had a heart-to-heart discussion.

After that, they vowed to do whatever it took to get successful and break out of their rut. They enrolled in community college, took it seriously, and got straight A’s. They also started their own side businesses to earn extra income.

Soon enough, they were able to quit their day jobs and start traveling the world. They used their profits from their publishing business to pay for airfare, hotels, and other expenses. They eventually grew their business into a full-time enterprise, which they named PublishingLife. In 2021, they launched Audiobook Impact Academy to teach others how to publish their own books and make money from them.

In their course, the Mikkelsen Twins teach their students how to find book ideas by doing market research on Amazon. They recommend searching for topics that are in high demand but have low competition. Once they have a good idea, they hire writers to create high-quality content for them. Then, they use their platform’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program to publish and sell the books on Amazon and Audible. It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone involved: the Mikkelsen Twins, their ghostwriters, and their readers.

Their Net Worth

Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen have a combined net worth of $20 million. They make money from several different sources, including self-publishing on Audible and selling online courses. Their most popular course is called Audiobook Income Academy and is a comprehensive program on how to publish audiobooks on Audible’s platform. The course teaches students how to find affordable yet high-quality writers and narrators. It also provides tips on how to promote and market audiobooks on Audible.

The course isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely a good option for people who are looking to make a living from podcasting or a similar passive income stream. The twins also have a YouTube channel where they discuss their experiences in the book publishing industry.

Despite having no formal education, the twins have a lot of knowledge to offer. They believe that real-world experience is more valuable than credentials, and they have a proven track record of success. In their own words, they went from being directionless in high school to becoming self-made millionaires.

As a result, they have become experts in the field of generating online passive income and helping others achieve their financial goals. Moreover, the twins believe that focusing on the highest quality products and student results is key to success. In addition, they encourage their students to develop a strong work ethic and stay persistent in their journey.

While the Mikkelsen twins have a proven track record of success, their methods aren’t without their risks. For example, they often employ emotional triggers in their marketing, and they tend to exaggerate the ease of their business model. This can lead to frustration for some customers. The twins’ claims may be misleading, and they might not be 100% legit.

The twins have been very successful in the Amazon book (Kindle) and audiobook publishing industry. Their books have topped the charts and made them recognized pioneers in their niche. They have even been featured in various podcasts and interviews. But one silly mistake almost cost them everything they had worked so hard for. Christian got greedy and started translating his books into other languages, which resulted in poor quality customer reviews and a ban on their accounts.

Their Business Model

While they don’t have any formal business degrees, the Mikkelsen Twins believe that real-world experience is worth more than a few certificates. They have built their success through a combination of hard work and online marketing. They focus on creating high-quality content and helping students succeed. Their online courses and partnerships aren’t for everyone, but they attract a targeted audience of people with a genuine interest in entrepreneurship. They also emphasize that their courses are based on proven strategies that have worked in the real world.

The Mikkelsen Twins’ business model has helped them to build a six-figure income and travel the world. They’ve modeled their business on the principles of online marketing, and they teach others how to replicate their success. They believe that it’s important to create and publish books that help readers solve their problems. They’ve published a number of books in several niches, including fitness, mindfulness, and social media marketing. They’ve earned a lot of revenue from these books, and they have received positive reviews from their readers.

They’ve also created a popular podcast, where they share their insights on self-publishing and the online marketing industry. They’re not the only twins who have found success in the online publishing and marketing world, but they have become a popular voice in this space. Other notable entrepreneurs in this space include Jordan Welch, Hayden Bowles, Mike Vestil, AC Hampton, Davie Fogarty, Nathan Nazareth, Ecom Kings, and Cortney Fletcher.

In late summer 2018, the Mikkelsen twins launched Audiobook Income Academy. They were inspired to create the course after being approached by Emeka Ossai, creator of My Self Publishing Blueprint, to make a module for his course. Their course was a quick creation, but it took off and quickly became their most important income stream. The twins have since reworked the course into Publishing Life, their education company.

Although they may make claims about how easy it is to earn $10,000 monthly from Amazon book publishing, the twins are not scammers. These are simply marketing language used to lure potential customers into watching their webinars. They explain that hard work is required to succeed in this business, and they are not shy about discussing their struggles with their followers.

Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen are twin brothers who have built a business selling courses on how to make money publishing audiobooks. Their course, Audiobook Income Academy, costs $1997. The twins say that this business model has allowed them to travel the world and live the Life of their dreams. But is it true? In this…